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Unhoused Veterans

In Pasadena, 28 veterans were experiencing homelessness at the time of the count, representing five percent of the total homeless population. People who are considered veterans include those who have served on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces or have been called into active duty in the National Guard or as a Reservist.

The majority of veterans experiencing homelessness are men (85%) and White (63%). While veterans comprise a smaller proportion of the total homeless population, they are more likely to report higher rates of disabilities and health conditions. Veterans are also more likely to be chronically homeless (63% vs. 53%) than the overall homeless population and, unfortunately, are more likely to be unsheltered (89% vs. 55%).

Over time, the number of veterans experiencing homelessness in Pasadena has remained relatively low. Since 2016, the number of veterans has decreased by 56%, likely due to the substantial commitment of government resources for veterans. This has included significant investment in housing, primarily at the federal level. This significant nationwide decrease of nearly 50% since 2010 demonstrates that long-term investments in housing and services can meaningfully reduce homelessness.


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