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Transitional Age Youth

The trauma of homelessness, even short term, can have a major effect on a youth’s future development. In Pasadena, youth comprise six percent of people experiencing homelessness.

Youth between 18-24 make up approximately 6% of Pasadena's homeless population. This number includes parenting youth who are the parents or legal guardians of one or more children (under age 18) sleeping with them.

As with families, the number of youth experiencing homelessness does not include those in doubled-up or couch-surfing living situations. These individuals are not included because they don't meet HUD's definition of literal homelessness.

In Pasadena, approximately 1 in 4 youth experiencing homelessness have children of their own, and more than half (53%) are female (vs. 31% of the total homeless population). Interestingly, youth experiencing homelessness are more likely to be Hispanic or Latino than Pasadena's overall homeless population (55% v. 44%).

Youth experiencing homelessness are less likely to be chronically homeless and more likely to stay in transitional housing and emergency shelter (65%) than in unsheltered locations (35%). The fact that youth are largely sheltered is particularly encouraging, given recent investments in youth-specific motel vouchers.

Consistent with existing literature, youth were more likely to report involvement with the foster care system than the general homeless population (47% vs. 12%).


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