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Looking Ahead

While homelessness is a complex humanitarian crisis with many contributing factors, there is one indisputable fact: stability starts with a home.

People experiencing homelessness in Pasadena need respite from the outdoors and a source of stability upon which to rebuild their lives. Real progress is happening in our community, even in these unprecedented times. Despite the ongoing pandemic, our unhoused neighbors are successfully connecting to the services they need and continue to permanently exit homelessness. In 2021, 277 people (214 households) who experienced homelessness in Pasadena were permanently housed through programs operated in Pasadena and other parts of Los Angeles County.

While Black people comprise 32% of the total homeless population, 43% of people housed in 2021 identified as Black. Conversely, while Hispanic and Latino people make up 44% of the total homeless population, 32% of those housed fell into this group.

Understanding the critical role supportive and affordable housing plays in solving homelessness is the key to bringing our unhoused neighbors inside. Moreover, providing people with a safe, stable, permanent home to live in is a proven solution to ending homelessness.


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